In the Dark of December

(I Heard a Bird Sing)

Lon Beery (composer)


  • Voice 1 (Part )
  • Voice 2 (Part)
  • Piano (undefined)
  • Flute (opt.)
Beery's hopeful setting in the Dorian mode. The text reminds us that, just as some of the dark moments in our lives seem to linger on, it is also true that during the long, dark wintry days of December we must remember that we are actually getting closer to Spring even if it seems that Winter is dragging on. With optional flute, the rhythmic interplay in the accessible piano accompaniment propels the melody forward as if towards Spring.
In the Dark of December - 2 Part
In the Dark of December - Accompaniment
In the Dark of December - Part 1
In the Dark of December - Part 2
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Ensemble: Unison and Two-Part Mixed Chorus
Duration: 2:06
Key: D dorian
Tempo: Moderato (q = 120)
Language: English, English
Text Source: I Hear a Bird Sing by Oliver Herford (1860-1935)
Publisher: BriLee Music
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Accompanied: Accompanied Chorus
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