The Winter Owl

Paul David Thomas (composer), William Shakespeare (author)


  • Tenor 1
  • Tenor 2 (opt.)
  • Bass
  • Piano
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Thomas' compelling setting of  The Winter Owl, adapted from  a play by William Shakespeare, vividly describes the winter season and how both humankind and animals deal with the frigid temperatures and chilling wind. All the while, a solitary owl hoots merrily in the distance. Great for holiday or concert/festival season!
SKU: BL1134
Ensemble: Tenor-Bass Chorus
Duration: 2:41
Key: F minor
Tempo: q = 120
Language: English, English
Text Source: William Shakespeare
Dedication: Dedicated to the 7th and 8th Grade Men's Choir of Strickland Middle School under the direction of Vinny Thomas
Publisher: BriLee Music
Accompanied: Accompanied Chorus
Page count: 8
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