A Czech Christmas Carol

Pujdem Spolu Do Betlema (Let's All Go To Bethlehem)

Czech Carol (composer), Lynn Shaw Bailey (arranger), Christopher Pillsbury (arranger)


  • Tenor
  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Tambourine (opt.)
A Czech Christmas Carol - TB
Pujdem spolu do Betlema is a popular traditional Czech Christmas carol whose title translates to "Let's all go to Bethlehem." In dance-like style, the verses describe different people playing their musical instruments, along with onomatopoetic sounds, as if playing in a celebration. With optional Czech text (phonetic pronunciations are included in the score) as well as English text, this wonderful Czech Carol is a flexible, holiday programming must. Also available for SSA Voices (BL1010) , Two-Part Treble Voices (BL1103) and SATB Voices (BL1154).
A Czech Christmas Carol - Accompaniment
A Czech Christmas Carol - Bass
A Czech Christmas Carol - Tenor
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Ensemble: Men's Chorus
Duration: 2:18
Key: F major
Tempo: Lively, light and lilting (q = 92)
Text Source: Czech Carol with additional words
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Accompanied: Accompanied Chorus
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