Marching Through Georgia

Tim Winebrenner (arranger)
Marching Through Georgia
Tim Winebrenner's boisterous yet accessible TB arrangement of an American civil war song of the same title affords developing male ensembles the opportunity to tell an exciting story while learning many musical concepts. The optional descant provides for a small portion of three-part harmony. Offered a cappella, there is an optional piano accompaniment to suit the needs of the ensemble. Appropriate for festival, a cappella or accompanied, with or without descant.
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Ensemble: Men's Chorus
Duration: 1:43
Publisher: BriLee Music
Delivery Method: Print
Accompanied: Accompanied Chorus
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UPC: 6-72405-00913-3
Marching Through Georgia - Accompaniment
Marching Through Georgia - Opt. Descant
Marching Through Georgia - Tenor
Marching Through Georgia - Bass
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