Traveling On: Solo Songs for The Male Changing Voice

Ruth Elaine Schram (arranger)


  • Voice
  • Piano
This valuable collection contains a wide variety of song styles, from spirituals and folksongs to original compositions. Especially compiled for the male changing voice, Traveling On begins with songs for the just-changing voice, progresses to songs for the young tenor, and finally to songs for the young baritone. Your young men will thank you for this! Includes: Kum Ba Yah; All My Trials; Salangadou; Lonesome Road; My Lord, What a Morning; Rock Island Line; The Song That Nature Sings; The Erie Canal; Oh, Shenandoah and Peace Like a River.

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Publisher: BriLee Music
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Product Type: Collection
Accompanied: Accompanied Solo
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ISBN: 978-0-8258-7117-7
Kum Ba Yah
All My Trials
Lonesome Road
My Lord, What a Morning
Rock Island Line
The Song That Nature Sings
The Erie Canal
Oh, Shenandoah
Peace Like a River
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