Let Nature Sing

Solo Songs for The Developing Treble Voice


  • Voice (Treble)
  • Piano
Collection; Book with Download
Let Nature Sing is the newest addition to the BriLee Music vocal solo book series for young singers. This volume contains ten songs in a variety of styles from spirituals and folk songs to originally composed works, all by female composers. Each song is specifically tailored to the treble voice, from narrow ranges of six and seven notes to others that expand the range as the voice continues to develop and mature. These songs challenge the voice without taxing it, and encourage the development of expressiveness rather than over-extension. Includes favorites such as "Oh Shenandoah," "I Know Where I'm Goin,'"

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Publisher: BriLee Music
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ISBN: 978-0-8258-7295-2
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
I know Where I'm Goin'
The Song That Nature Sings
Oh Shenandoah
Night Winds
Pure, White Owl
How Can I Keep from Singing?
There's an Air of Joy in the Meadow
La Palima (The Dove)
This Morning Paradise
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