Become Yourself

Solo Songs for the Developing Treble Voice


  • Voice (Treble)
Become Yourself, the sixth in a series of solo song volumes by BriLee Music, has been specifically written and compiled for the developing treble voice in middle and junior high school. It contains 10 songs for the age group, most of which utilize texts of empowerment. The songs start with narrow ranges of six to seven notes; the ranges expand as the voice develops and matures. These songs are designed to challenge the voice and to develop its expressive capabilities.

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1. Teach Me
2. Where the Mind Is without Fear
3. Roses
4. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
5. Strings in the Earth and Air
6. A Dream within a Dream
7. From Our Happy Home (Christmas Time Is Here)
8. The Thing I Had To Say
9. Become Yourself
10. Dink’s Song
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