Mark Patterson

  • Dr. Mark Patterson is a nationally acclaimed composer, conductor and teacher. He is the Director of Music at Salisbury Presbyterian Church in Midlothian, Virginia, where he leads a comprehensive music program for adults, youth and children. Mark received his PhD in Fine Arts-Music Education with an emphasis in Choral Conducting from Texas Tech University and Master of Music and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Texas at Austin.

    Dr. Patterson is frequently invited to conduct honor choirs and choral festivals across the United States and is often asked to lead workshops for choral directors. Dr. Patterson’s compositions comprise a rich variety of styles for the sanctuary and the concert hall. Currently he has over 250 choral works in print as well as a solo piano collection, various musicals and choral compilations, and several volumes of vocal solos. Mark has been a consistent winner of the ASCAP Award in Composition for over ten years.

  • Cover Title (Subtitle) Duration Instrumentation
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    BL529 I’M Bound Away BL529 TB
    BL563 Coventry Carol BL563 TB, accompanied
    BL629 O Captain BL629 2:17 TB, accompanied
    BL707 Gloria BL707 2:05 Tenor, Bass, Keyboard
    BL776 The Gallant Knight BL776 1:52 Tenor, Keyboard, Bass 1, Bass 2
    BL1017 First Songs for Emerging Tenor-Bass Choir 1. Come Sail Away with Me 2. A Future Shared 3. Gloucester Moors BL1017 Men’s Chorus
    BL967 Two Latin Settings
    I. Jubilate Deo II. Ubi Caritas
    BL967 :00:00 Men’s Chorus
    BL581 Silence and The Song, The BL581 SATB
    BL721 Child Of Tomorrow BL721 3:05 SATB
    BL791 Ding Dong Merrily On High(arr.) BL791 2:42 SATB
    BL443 Irish Blessing BL443 SATB limited range, accompanied
    BL642 Skye Boat Song(arr.) BL642 2:51 SATB (limited range), accompanied
    BL750 Song of the River(arr.) BL750 SATB
    BL239 Violet, The BL239 SSA, accompanied
    BL311 Kyrie BL311 SSA, accompanied
    BL473 Irish Blessing BL473 SSA
    BL497 Lullaby Moon BL497 SSA, accompanied
    BL558 Danny Boy(arr.) BL558 SSA, accompanied, with optional Oboe
    BL620 Two Latin Settings
    I. Jubilate Deo
    BL620 SSA, accompanied optional a cappella
    BL665 Things That Never Die BL665 SSA
    BL770 The Silence and the Song BL770 3:12:00 SSA
    BL481 Christmas Bells Are Ringing BL481 2-part or TB, accompanied with optional Handchimes and Descant
    BL303 Christmas Bells Are Ringing BL303 3-Part Mixed
    BL362 Deck The Hall BL362 3-Part Mixed, accompanied
    BL363 This Shall Be for Music BL363 Unison, opt. 2-Part, accompanied
    BL391 Give Me Wings BL391 Unis., opt. descant, accompanied
    BL453 Child Of Tomorrow BL453 Unison, opt. Descant, accompanied
    BL472 Two Unison Songs for Male Chorus BL472 Unis. Male Chorus, accompanied
    BL485 Song Of The River BL485 Unis., opt. descant, accompanied
    BL528 Silence and The Song, The BL528 Unison, opt. 2-part, accompanied
    BL552 Artist Teaches Us All, The BL552 Unis., opt. 2-Part, accompanied
    BL571 Life Has Loveliness BL571 Unison, opt 2-part, accompanied
    BL645 Never Far From Home BL645 Unison Chorus
    BL692 Music, Like A Radiant Light(arr.) BL692 2:10 Unison Chorus
    BL758 O Rushing Wind BL758 2:45 Unison Chorus
    BL994 The Tiger BL994 Unison Chorus
    BL948 We Are the Music Makers BL948 :3:06 Unison Chorus
    BLBCD005 My Heart Sings BLBCD005 CD Only
    BLB005 My Heart Sings BLB005 Voice and Piano
    BLB007 Tales Of Land and Sea
    Solo Songs for The Male Changing Voice
    BLB007 Voice and Piano
    BLB014 Stand with the Brave
    Solo Songs for the Developing Male Voice
    BLB014 :00:00 Voice with Piano
    BL799 The Symphony of Night(arr.) BL799 3:23 Unison Chorus
    BL811 Hope Sings On BL811 2:55 SSA
    BL821 The Vagabond BL821 1:41 Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass, Piano
    BL860 Woven as One BL860 3:58 SSA Voices, Piano
    BL875 Woven As One BL875 3:58 Three-part Mixed Voices, Piano