Sonja Poorman

  • Sonja Poorman is a choral music director, teacher, and composer. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in choral/general music education from Ball State University and her Master of Music degree from the University of Miami. She has been employed at numerous churches in Florida and Texas where she directed children’s, youth, and adult church choirs and handbell ensembles. She also taught middle and high school choral music in Indiana and private voice, piano and flute. In addition to teaching and directing, she has extensive music publishing experience in production and editing. Currently, she is Chancel Music Minister at St. Philip’s United Methodist Church in Round Rock, Texas. She has written, co-written, or arranged many school and sacred choral compositions which have been published by various publishers. She and her husband Randy reside in Austin, Texas, and her son Brandon is a freshman commercial music major at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Cover Title (Subtitle) Duration Instrumentation
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    BL395 Silent Night BL395 SAB
    BL142 Kyrie BL142 SATB, accompanied
    BL643 New Irish Blessing, A BL643 3:30 SATB, accompanied
    BL151 Hosanna! BL151 SATB limited range
    BL163 Shenandoah/Deep River BL163 SATB limited range, accompanied
    BL197 Sanctus BL197 SATB limited range
    BL200 Cantate Domino BL200 SATB Limited range
    BL264 Gloria BL264 SATB limited range
    BL296 On A Wondrous Night BL296 SATB limited range
    BL309 Te Deum BL309 SATB limited range
    BL325 Laudamus Te BL325 SATB limited range
    BL334 Going Over Home BL334 SATB, accompanied
    BL348 Dona Nobis Pacem BL348
    BL394 Silent Night BL394 SATB limited range
    BL132 My Love and I BL132 SSA
    BL165 Shenandoah/Deep River BL165 SSA
    BL241 Chariot Comin– BL241 2-Part
    BL298 On A Wondrous Night BL298 2-part, opt. SSA
    BL350 Dona Nobis Pacem BL350 2-Part
    BL414 Tue, Tue (Come, Sing A Song) BL414 2-part
    BL451 Deck The Hall With Holly BL451 2-Part, accompanied
    BL469 Alouette, Brother John’s Asleep BL469 2-Part
    BL531 Agnus Dei BL531 Two-part Chorus
    BL582 Heart Of Christmas, The BL582 2-part, accompanied
    BL612 Let Everyone Shout and Sing BL612 1:56 2-part, accompanied
    BL616 Sing Noel BL616 1:35 2-part, accompanied
    BL104 Jubilate Deo BL104 3-part Mixed
    BL107 Agnus Dei BL107 3-Part Mixed, Accompanied
    BL131 My Love and I BL131 3-part Mixed, accompanied
    BL143 Kyrie BL143 3-part Mixed
    BL164 Shenandoah/Deep River BL164 3-part mixed
    BL240 Chariot Comin– BL240 3-Part Mixed
    BL265 Gloria BL265 3-part mixed
    BL297 On A Wondrous Night BL297 3-part Mixed
    BL310 Te Deum BL310 3-Part Mixed
    BL326 Laudamus Te BL326 3-Part Mixed, accompanied
    BL335 Going Over Home BL335 3-Part Mixed, accompanied
    BL349 Dona Nobis Pacem BL349 3-part mixed
    BL413 Tue, Tue (Come, Sing A Song) BL413 1:58 3-part mixed, accompanied
    BL423 Agnus Dei BL423 3-Part Mixed, accompanied
    BL491 Kyrie BL491 3-part mixed, accompanied
    BL714 Kyrie Eleison
    (Lord Have Mercy Upon Us)
    BL714 1:54 Three-part Chorus
    BL159 Alleluia BL159 Unis., opt. 2-Part
    BL306 Kyrie Eleison BL306 Unison
    BL842 Jubilate Deo BL842 2:00 Two-part Chorus
    BL869 Jubilate Deo BL869 2:00 TTB voices, Piano
    BL897 Celebrate and Sing
    On This Holiday
    BL897 :2:15 Two-part Chorus
    BL922 Sanctus BL922 :3:11 Two-part Chorus