Hava Halelujah

Arranged by Patrick M Liebergen
Instrumentation: 3-part any combo, accompanied, opt Flute and hand drum
Item Number: BL578
Number of Pages: 12
Publisher: BriLee Music
Print Status: In Print


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Hava Halelujah

Quick Overview

This is based on a folk song dating back to the early Israeli settlers, who joined together to form a nation-state for the Jewish people. This folk song was traditionally sung as a round while dancing the horah. The setting here is designed for three voices in any combination. Patrick has included additional new words for this work that are easier to sing. "Hava Hallelujah" is a very energetic work with a driving rhythmic pulse. A transliteration of the Hebrew with a pronunciation guide is provided. 1:39

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Hava Halelujah - Accompaniment


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Hava Halelujah - Soprano 1
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Hava Halelujah - Soprano 2
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Hava Halelujah - Alto

Additional Information

Arranger Liebergen, Patrick M