My Heart Sings

Mark Patterson

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Instrumentation: Voice and Piano
Item Number: BLB005
Number of Pages: 48
Publisher: BriLee Music
Print Status: In Print


Quick Overview

This collection has been specifically compiled for the developing treble voice in middle school and junior high. It contains a wide variety of songs, including folksongs, spirituals, and composed works for the age group. There are songs with narrow ranges of six and seven notes, and others that expand the range as the voice develops and matures. The nature of this collection is to challenge the voice, not to tax it; to develop its expressive capabilities, not to overextend it. It's a valuable resource of repertoire for both student and teacher!

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"Good News, Chariot's A-Comin'"
Send Forth a Song
Things My Heart Will Know
Let Joy Awaken
Great Day
Ye Banks and Braes
Song of the River
The Lark in the Clear Air
The Violet

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