Omnia Vincit Amor


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Omnia Vincit Amor


This arrangement of Michael John Trotta's Omnia Vincit Amor for Three-Part Mixed/Optional Baritone Voices is intended as an accessible piece for developing mixed singers and provides additional opportunities to focus on form, articulation, phrasing, and diction, among other skills. Whether accompanied or a cappella, there are many opportunities to focus on form, articulation, phrasing and Latin diction, making Omnia Vincit Amor a wonderfully teachable piece. One of the first pieces in the Michael John Trotta Emerging Series, this composition is sure to be a favorite of choirs and audiences alike. Also available for SA Voices (BL1035) and TB Voices (BL1012).
SKU: BL1095
Ensemble: Three-part Mixed Chorus
Duration: 2:17
Key: G major
Tempo: q = 92
Language: la
Text Source: Virgil, Eclogues (37 BC)
Publisher: BriLee Music
Series: Michael John Trotta Emerging
Accompanied: Accompanied Chorus
Page count: 8
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
UPC: 6-80160-91206-3
Omnia Vincit Amor - a cappella
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