Lift Up Your Voice: Kwa Maneno Nguvu

James DesJardins (composer)


  • Voice 1 (Part )
  • Voice 2 (Part)
  • Voice 3 (Part) (opt.)
  • Piano
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This piece speaks of hope, compassion, and unity. Sung in both English and Swahili (pronunciation provided), with narration opportunities, the solemn accompaniment supports the plaintive and compelling melodic motifs which are  partnered throughout the song.  Sure to inspire both singer and audience!
SKU: BL1110
Ensemble: Treble Chorus
Duration: 2:35
Key: D minor
Tempo: q = 110
Text Source: Original
Publisher: BriLee Music
Accompanied: Accompanied Chorus
Page count: 8
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UPC: 6-80160-91221-6
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