Hope, Peace, Joy: A Trilogy

I. The Heartbeat of Hope II. The Breath of Peace III. The Dance of Joy

for SSA Voices with Piano and Body Percussion

Mark Burrows (composer)


  • Soprano 1
  • Soprano 2
  • Alto
  • Piano


Whether these pieces are performed as a set or individually,  every movement of Burrows' uplifting messages is fantastically unique and fun to sing! The body percussion adds the extra "it" factor for the treble choir looking for something special. Highly recommend!
SKU: BL1222
Ensemble: Treble Chorus
Duration: 7:50
Key: D minor, F major, B mixolydian
Tempo: With a steady heartbeat groove (q = 94), With great assurance (q = 100), Exuberantly (q. = 63)
Language: en
Text Source: Original
Publisher: BriLee Music
Accompanied: Accompanied Chorus
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