Freedom's Hallowed Light

for SSA Voices, a cappella, with Optional Percussion

Mark Patterson (composer)


  • Soprano 1
  • Soprano 2
  • Alto
  • Percussion (opt.)


 Using excerpts from the poem The North Star by African American poet James Monroe Whitfield, Patterson seeks to connect both singer and audience as he personalizes the quest for freedom through a first-person perspective.  Written to be sung with strong conviction and contagious energy, Freedom's Hallowed Light should shine light and hope on all who have struggled or continue to struggle for freedom and equality.
SKU: BL1224
Ensemble: Treble Chorus
Duration: 1:54
Key: E major
Tempo: With energy and intensity (q = 112)
Language: en
Text Source: Excerpts from The North Star by James Monroe Whitfield (1822-1871) alt., with add. lyrics, MP
Publisher: BriLee Music
Accompanied: A cappella
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