Wishing Star

for Two-Part Mixed Voices, Optional Alto with Piano

Laura Farnell (composer), Beth Bolton (composer)


  • Voice 1 (Part )
  • Voice 2 (Part )
  • Alto (opt.)
  • Piano
Wishing Star
Beth Bolton and Laura Farnell


Shining and shimmering, Wishing Star is reminiscent of the nursery rhyme "Star Light, Star Bright." Beth Bolton and Laura Farnell's use of the mixolydian mode and compound meter creates a sense of longing, along with an endearing, whimsical feeling. A programming must for the developing mixed ensemble. Also available for Two-Part Treble Voices (BL992).
SKU: BL1231
Ensemble: Unison and Two-Part Chorus
Duration: 2:32
Key: D mixolydian
Tempo: q. = 44
Language: English
Publisher: BriLee Music
Accompanied: Accompanied Chorus
UPC: 6-72405-01083-2
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