If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking

SSA Voices, a cappella

Jennifer Klein (composer), Emily Dickinson (librettist)


  • Soprano 1
  • Soprano 2
  • Alto


This lovely SSA setting of the beloved Emily Dickinson text is an excellent piece to develop phrase shaping, enhanced expressive singing through intentional syllabic stress as well as movement through the accelerandos.  Doing so allows this music to mimic human life, giving it lungs that breathe and a heart that beats ....a life not lived in vain!
SKU: BL1254
Ensemble: Treble Chorus
Duration: 4:45
Key: B major
Language: en
Text Source: Emily Dickinson
Publisher: BriLee Music
Accompanied: A cappella
UPC: 6-72405-01112-9
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