The Noble Duke of York

T(T)B Voices with Piano

Mark Burrows (composer), Mark Burrows (lyricist)


  • Tenor 1
  • Tenor 2 (opt.)
  • Bass
  • Piano


Fun is the key to this arrangement which reimagines the whole scene of the Duke of York tediously marching his ten thousand men up and down the hill. What if those men had other plans? What if they had dreams of their own? What if they didn’t want to march up and down that hill anymore?! Find out the answers to these questions when you learn this great song, ideal for T(T)B ensembles both large and small.
SKU: BL1270
Ensemble: Tenor-Bass Chorus
Duration: 3:08
Key: B major
Tempo: Marchlike (q = 96)
Language: en
Text Source: Original
Publisher: BriLee Music
Accompanied: Accompanied Chorus
UPC: 6-72405-01116-7
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