The True Lover's Farewell

SAB Voices with Piano and Optional Tenor Part

Dan Davison (composer), English Ballad (lyricist)


  • Soprano
  • Alto
  • Tenor (opt.)
  • Bass
  • Piano


This edition is actually written in a voicing that is very uncommon:  SA(T)B (Two-Part) where the tenors (optional) sing in octaves with the sopranos and the basses sing in octaves with the altos for the entire song.   Essentially, the song has a “high part” and a “low part,” making it possible to be performed by any size choir, even those  with limited basses and tenors, with highly suitable ranges for all.  Also available for SA Voices (BL1243) and TB Voices (BL1267).
SKU: BL1285
Ensemble: Three-part Mixed Chorus
Duration: 2:11
Key: D minor
Tempo: With energy (q. = 64)
Language: en
Publisher: BriLee Music
Accompanied: Accompanied Chorus
UPC: 6-72405-01100-6
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