Alleluia, Cantate

(Sing Today!)

Ruth Elaine Schram (composer), Ruth Elaine Schram (lyricist)
Alleluia, Cantate
Ruth Elaine Schram has captured the joyous celebration of music with Alleluia, Cantate, which translates as “sing today!” Suitable as a concert opener, contest or festival piece, it is set partly as a round, and is easy to learn with minimal preparation. Additionally, this piece has the rewarding quality of sounding deceptively difficult! Duration: 2:00
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Ensemble: Unison and Two-Part Mixed Chorus
Duration: 2:00
Key: C major
Publisher: BriLee Music
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Accompanied: Accompanied Chorus
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Alleluia Cantate - Accompaniment
Alleluia Cantate - Part 1
Alleluia Cantate - Part 2
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